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Secure your IaaS environments using next-gen "The D3 Cloud" and industry leading 


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Built on break through award winning hyperconverged DATA3 cloud technology.

Security as a Service

As the industry shifts from on-premise hardware model to subscription based cloud services, there is a great need to provide secure and scalable access to applications and desktops.  DATA3 delivers an end-to-end solution by bundling its premium IaaS platform built on "The D3 Cloud" and Security-as-a-service based on industry leading WatchGuard. By combining these technologies DATA3 enables companies to easily leverage an out-of-the-box cloud offering with a unified threat management (UTM) solution and layered security services at a sustainable cost. The DATA3 created WatchGuard templates can be deployed directly on virtual IPs; a feature glaringly on other IaaS providers that prefer to force a specific firewall solution with limited flexibility and customizations.

Key Features & Benefits

​​Superior Performance

DATA3 has thoroughly optimized WatchGuard to run on our "D3 Cloud" compared to other public clouds. We offer a fully supported template on our platform for all our customers.

Simplified Network Configuration

DATA3 does not impose Network Address Translation (NAT) on interfaces like every other cloud provider. WatchGuard behaves like a physical appliance with public IPs directly on their NIC, simplifying deployments and allowing easy configuration imports.

Elegant and Flexible Topologies

DATA3 networks operate on OSI Layer 2 allowing colocated hardware and our cloud servers to share the same network without additional routers. With our Security as a Service solution a virtual WatchGuard appliance can be deployed to protect your entire infrastructure: physical and virtual.

Cost-Effective Deployments

Private transit is unmetered between our "The D3 Cloud" and private networks, including cross connects, colocated hardware, and MPLS. And without additional routers or virtual servers to mesh Layer 3 networks, you save on deployment costs.

Architectural Parity


DATA3's platform is designed to present a markedly similar network architecture and design process to physical on-premise deployments. This renders it easier for customers to replicate on-premise topologies and best-practices in the cloud; a departure from other public cloud providers that approach networking in a different way to traditional architectures. Our integrated WatchGuard services provides comprehensive Security Services to protect these environments.

Network Appliance-Centric Architecture


DATA3's network architecture leverages network appliances at the core of all deployments. Our "The D3 Cloud" provides public internet and public IP addresses directly to the network appliance Virtual Machine, alongside the ability to attach multiple private networks, akin to how a physical on- premise deployment would be delivered. The WatchGuard security appliance can therefore be used as the core front-line security device, without the complexity and overhead of 1:1 NAT required by other larger IaaS providers. DATA3 delivers the public IP directly to the WatchGuard security appliance which WatchGuard uses to deliver UTM/Next-Gen Firewall Security Services to protect the entire network.

Secure Hybrid Cloud Deployments

DATA3's highly-flexible network architecture supports Hybrid deployments comprising of Virtual Machines, Dedicated Servers and Co-Located infrastructure, all interconnected on the same Layer 2 network. DATA3's cloud infrastructure is designed such that it can easily leverage the WatchGuard security appliance at the core of these solutions, either hosted as virtual appliances on the cloud or physical devices in a hybrid deployment.

Easy Growth In To The Cloud

Data Cloud

Deploying WatchGuard FireBoxV on the cloud is easy with DATA3's focus on architecture parity. Customers are able to think about the cloud as an extension of their existing deployments, utilizing the same best-practices. Partners can manage and monitor their cloud WatchGuard UTM and Next-Gen Firewall Security Services using the same tools as their on-premise deployments, greatly simplifying deployments and migrations by leveraging existing expertise. A few of the hybrid scenarios are illustrated below.

MSP Partner Program

Business Partners at Work

Our "Security in the Cloud" solution is designed to provide recurring revenue & cost predictability. We offer a simple wholesale pricing model with no hidden fees. MSPs can customize and brand the solution as their own.  This gives them added competitive edge and full control on how they price and manage their environment.  Bundled with WatchGuard's architecture design makes calculating costs quick, easy, and predictable.

Call us today (918.237.4400) to learn more about our MSP Partners Program.  You can click on the MSP Partners and fill out a simple form to get started.  Our MSP program is simple and quick and designed to unleash your potential by adding a number of services for your offering.

About DATA3

DATA3 Corporation has served Fortune 500 and other companies providing them with secure space in our data center, and creating enterprise class custom software development. We offer IT Professional services and consulting.

Call us today @ 918.237.4400 or click here to schedule a tour of our facilities and services.

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