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MSP Partner Program - Colocation Services

Announcing our new MSP Partner Program

Private label our Colocation, Cloud 2.0 & NOC services

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Your true MSP Partner. Sell our services as your own.
Expand your services and add to your bottom line through our exclusive partnership program.

MSP Partners

A complete suite of private label data center services for our MSP partners at wholesale prices.  You have complete control over retail pricing. We offer a comprehensive private-label relationship that provides world-class facilities, power, connectivity, and support services to the Managed Service Provider industry.

Private label services with wholesale pricing.

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The Program Goals

  • To provide a significant means enhancing your offering in a transitioning industry, which is quickly moving to cloud-based services.

  • Assist MSP organizations in their quest to provide a comprehensive set of services to their customers, thereby maintaining control over all aspects of the relationship.

  • Assist MSPs in broadening their brand and scope of services to enable future capacity and growth.

  • Provide MSPs an on-going stream of revenue through a private-label relationship with DATA 3.

Business Handshake

How The Program Works?

  • The MSP markets new services under their brand through our exclusive private-label program.

  • DATA 3 provides sales and marketing support.

  • The MSP purchases services needed for their clients under our wholesale pricing program. The MSP sets their own retail prices.

  • The MSP provides Tier 1 support with their staff, which can be escalated to DATA 3. The MSP can choose from Data 3 provided support plans providing basic to comprehensive service levels.




Services Provided by DATA3

  • Private-labeling for managed hosting and cloud services in our 18,000 square foot facility in CityPlex Towers

  • Private-labeling for business continuity planning services in our facilities with over 100,000 square feet available.

  • Application development design and implementation support for you and your customers.

Who is DATA3?

  • We began operations in 1999 and have an experienced and skilled management and operations team. We conduct business with companies of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies with domestic and international operations.

  • We live in a fortress, a building designed to be a world class hospital that is the only single-pour office building in Oklahoma. The building continues to house many medical facilities as well as our operations. To that end, CityPlex maintains 1500 KW of backup generator power supplementing DATA 3’s 1,150 KW of private generator power, as well as 30,000 gallons of diesel fuel on site.

  • We have 18,000 square feet of data center space on the 4th floor of our building. Additionally, we have 30,000 square feet of business continuity space on the 4th floor, with expansion capacity of 100,000 square feet. With our N+2 generator and UPS battery capacity, we can keep our facilities running for weeks. We work with 7 broadband providers including all of the major carriers in Oklahoma. Most have a local a fiber optic POP to avoid local loop, last mile fees.

  • As a significant tenant we have tremendous support from building management and building security, which provides 24/7 on-site personnel, key card access for off-hours for the building and for the elevators. Our facilities are accessible with two-factor authentication, have significant, redundant air-cooling capacity and are built out with state of the art waterless fire suppressions systems.

Call us today @ 918.237.4400 or click here to schedule a tour of our facilities and services.

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