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Mobile App Development


Mobile App


IOS / Android

“Our ability to align our methodology with our customer’s business and strategic needs is what sets us apart.”

Mobile App Development

Call us M.A.D. (Mobile App Developers) ​but building enterprise class mobile apps is our passion.  Nowadays, just as you cannot have a business without a website, having your own app has become an integral part of doing business.  The process of creating applications that run on a smart mobile device requires thoughtful design and strategy.  The experts at DATA3 recognize that the traditional models of software design do not work well for mobile app development.  The software development life-cycle is usually short, requires much more emphasis on screen design, memory management, and processing.  Furthermore, the application has to be flexible enough to run on both Apple's IOS and Google's Android systems.

A Unique Methodology


DATA3 has a unique methodology when it comes to developing mobile applications.  From the initial conception of an idea, we work with our clients to collect the appropriate information, analyze the necessary requirements, prepare the storyboard design, which leads to the  development and ultimately testing of the application.


Some additional elements of our methodology are:

  • our ability to align requirements with business needs

  • create process efficiencies though automation throughout the project

  • design the application with minimum maintenance across IOS and Android platforms.

  • create a scalable application with backend services when necessary.


App Store / Google Play

For clients who wish to publish their apps, DATA3 will not only develop the application but will assist in getting the application approved and published by Apple and Google.  We will also publish the app through Google's PlayStore.

For clients who do not wish to publish their apps because their intended use is internal to the organization, DATA3 can get the app approved for internal distribution.

Call us today @ 918.237.4400 or click here to schedule a tour of our facilities and services.

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