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Business Continuity



Over 50,000 sq. ft. of space is available for dedicated or shared BCP space.

Call us today at 918.237.4400 for details.

50,000 SQ. FT.  available - 24/7/365  Security - 100% Uptime
3 Auditoriums (500 Seats) - Shared/Dedicated Space - Custom Built (Option)

Business Continuity

Data3 now has 50,000 square feet of Business Continuity Space (BCP) with room for significant expansion.  The company offers both dedicated and shared space to a wide range of customers.  Many of our clients are customers doing business with all three of the company’s divisions.  The BCP suites are connected to our own UPS and generator systems for power redundancy. The company prides itself in providing 24/7/365 security and flexible connectivity options. 


Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

Recovery Time Objective is the duration of time necessary to restore a business process for a given service level after a disaster in order to avoid unacceptable consequences.  Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is often an integral part of maintaining a company's critical operations.  Data3 recognizes the importance of business continuity. Our facilities are backed by our own generators and are tied to our redundant network infrastructure.


BCP Features


  • Over 35,000 sq. ft. of BCP space

  • Additional 15,000 sq. ft of BCP space available

  • Our facility is rated at EF4 to withstand winds over 200 Mph• BCP for off-site testing | Disaster Recovery

  • BCP space customizable to your specific requirements


BCP Power


  • Generator capacity to keep your operation running for weeks

  • 30,000 gallons of on-site fuel available

  • 600 KVA Caterpillar powered generator

  • Automatic failover to UPS prior to generator


BCP Connectivity


  • Customize your connectivity to suit your BCP needs

  • Bring in your own MPLS circuits right to your BCP suites

  • Flexible to accommodate your own cross-connects

  • Wired and wireless options available


BCP Security


  • Building provides 24 / 7 on-premise security officers

  • Onsite cameras monitoring building and surrounding areas

  • Off-hours access controls

About DATA3

DATA3 Corporation has served Fortune 500 and other companies providing them with secure space in our data center, and creating enterprise class custom software development. We offer IT Professional services and consulting.

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