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Our expertise in working with Fortune 500 extends far beyond that of managed services

I.T. Consulting

Enterprise I.T. requires a broad range of experience including: technical, interpersonal and effective communication skills that just does not exist in most I.T. support organizations. Our 50+ years of combined multi-industry knowledge & expertise allows DATA3 to envision, engineer, design and implement solution based information technology on time and on budget.  We never take a canned approach to a project.  Instead, we take a “best of breed” approach which leverages proven architecture and design that has stood the test of time with leading edge practices and technology.  This allows our clients to maximize every I.T. dollar spent. 

One of the biggest benefits that we often hear from our customers is that our services helped them avoid costly mistakes.  Major I.T. errors are often caused by following the latest industry trends and buzzwords without understanding the fully burdened costs and unintended consequences that often accompany an I.T. decision based largely upon marketing propaganda. We understand that cool doesn’t always equal value. Instead, we focus of attributes like: 

Reliability -  Performance - Scaleability - Resiliency - Usability - and TCO

Because technology continuously advances ,our expert, trusted consultants take the time to fully understand exactly your current and future needs as well as your expectations, before ever recommending a solution or even a general direction. This highly measured approach saves time, money and prevents typical I.T. project delays by eliminating scope creep and the costly impact of repeated re-engineering.

As new methods for deploying and utilizing I.T. rapidly evolve, the way we think and deploy every aspect of a computing platform must also evolve. If not, even a slight miscalculation can place your company on a very avoidable but costly and non-productive path.

Globalization concept

Cloud Consulting

  • The benefits of public / private/ hybrid cloud solutions

  • Migration from physical to virtual environments

  • Cloud Security (How to best protect your data in the cloud?)

  • Difference between IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, DaaS

  • Cloud Performance

  • Cloud Implementation & Rollout

  • Pros & Cons of Azure / AWS / on-premise cloud solutions

  • Fail-over & Redundancy Plans for virtual servers

Team Meeting

Technology / Strategy Consulting

Building a comprehensive IT strategy that supports business needs and growth is essential for any size organization.  DATA3 consultants can help evaluate your business needs and formulate an I.T. strategy that is focussed on creating efficiencies and can provide a firm foundation for your growth.  We have a defined 4-step methodology that yields successful results:

  1. Info. Gathering

  2. Analyze Business Needs

  3. Assess Feasibility of Possible Options

  4. Recommend Optimal Solution


Network Infrastructure

Whether you are designing a brand new network or trying to keep up with an existing network architecture; it requires extensive knowledge of network protocols, types of devices connected (wired / wireless), bandwidth utilization, and Quality of Service (QoS) requirements.  Once also need to look at the proper redundancies in place to avoid any possible business interruptions that may affect productivity.

We have designed multiple data-centers that require all of these skills and at a much higher level in order to keep multiple systems of numerous organizations running.  Network Security and proper Firewall configurations are essential to secure your network and eliminate threats.  Our experts can also help conduct security penetration tests and provide meaningful reports so that you can better protect your environment.

Making Notes

I.T. Security & Audits

In the face of daunting cyber threats, it is imperative for any IT environment to understand and appreciate the value an IT Audit brings to the table. The pivotal components of an IT Audit involves understanding the IT environment’s operations including its internal operation procedures, controls, risk management and governance processes.

Data3 Auditors gather critical information to determine whether or not the controls and processes in place are effective. Identified weaknesses are documented and reported to your IT governance team with suggestions to improve the environment’s cyber security.


DR & BCP Planning

Having an effective Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan is essential for business operations.  There are many different types of disaster recovery plans and choosing the right plan is critical.

  • Cold Site DR

  • Hot Site DR

  • Virtual DR

The are just some of the options.  Additionally, many companies require Business Continuity Planning (BCP) as part of their disaster recovery solution.  This refers to having an office space outside of your normal operations where key personnel can go in case of a disaster in order to keep the critical operations running.  There are two common options when choosing a BCP space:

  • Shared BCP: Shared with other companies and requires one to declare a disaster in order to use the space.

  • Dedicated BCP: Dedicated to a single company


DATA3 has been providing DR and BCP solutions to companies for the past 15 years.  Our DR consultants can not only help you create your own personalized DR and BC plan but can also host your DR equipment and provide you with BCP space within its facilities.


Other Consulting

DATA3 has also done a number of projects for many organizations helping them achieve their business goals.  Some of these projects included:

  • Public Cloud vs Edge Data Center Decisions

  • VDI vs local desktop cost benefit analysis

  • Data recovery forensics

  • Data analysis & Data mining

  • Complex Access Control Systems and integration

  • Legacy to web-based software conversions

  • Database Design & Architecture

  • Smart Video Surveillance Systems and Analytics

  • Custom reporting from Access Control Systems

  • Network Security audits

  • IT Audit for Muskogee Public School Systems

DATA3 is also a reseller for the following Products

The cost of doing things over always exceeds the cost of doing things right the first time.  Call the Enterprise I.T. Service experts at DATA3 and get it right.

Call us today @ 918.237.4400 or click here to schedule a tour of our facilities and services.

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