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Backup as a Service (BaaS)


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A Complete Cloud Backup Solution By DATA3

Call us today at 918.237.4400 for details.

Built on break through award winning hyperconverged DATA3 cloud technology.

Backup as a Service

Our new Backup-as-a-Service is a complete out-of-the-box enterprise solution for businesses and MSPs. We offer a turnkey solution that is fast secure and scalable. This new service is built and hosted on "The D3 Cloud" and offers the same reliability and performance that you would expect from our state-of-the-art Cloud 2.0 architecture. MSPs can quickly provision scalable cloud backup solutions for their customers at the click of a button.


Key Features

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  • Highly efficient chunking based backup system - speeds up backups and minimizes bandwidth requirements.

  • Manage your own Access Control Lists (ACL).

  • Flexible scheduling, compression and encryption options.

  • Lightweight, native application for all major operating systems: Linux, Windows and OSX.

  • Multiple Backup Locations: US (East coast, central US,  West coast) and Australia (Sydney and Melbourne)

  • Highly competitive and simple pricing model.

  • MSP Partner Program allows MSPs to customize and brand it as their own.

Backup Services

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Types of Backups:

  • Files/Folders

  • Emails/Calendars (MS Exchange Server)

  • Databases (MS SQL Server, MySQL)

  • Server O/S:

    • Windows server system state

    • Windows System Backup

    • Application-Aware Writer

    • Hyper-V

MSP Partner Program

Business Partners at Work

Our BaaS solution is designed to provide recurring revenue & cost predictability. We offer a simple wholesale pricing model with no hidden fees. MSPs can customize and brand the solution as their own.  This gives them added competitive edge and full control on how they price and manage their environment.  Bundled with DATA3's architecture design makes calculating costs quick, easy, and predictable.

Call us today (918.238.4400) to learn more about our MSP Partners Program.  You can click on the MSP Cloud Partner Program and fill out a simple form to get started.  Our MSP program is simple and quick and designed to unleash your potential by adding a number of services for your offering.

About DATA3

DATA3 Corporation has served Fortune 500 and other companies providing them with secure space in our data center, and creating enterprise class custom software development. We offer IT Professional services and consulting.

Call us today @ 918.237.4400 or click here to schedule a tour of our facilities and services.

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