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Learn & Grow

The extensive and rapid growth in the field of IT has created an enormous demand for programmers and young skills. Additionally, the world of Mobile Apps with millions of Apps along with the new era of “smart” things whether it is a home appliance, a wearable gadget or a driverless car; the Internet of Things(IoT) is here to stay.

All of these technologies require someone to develop and code using a number of programming languages.  The young generation interested in the field of information technology eager to capitalize on this opportunity is wanting to learn coding skills and learn them fast.  This has led to a number of online schools and boot-camps promising to teach you the skills you need in a matter of weeks.

The problem with this approach as we see it is that these young professionals may learn the syntax of a language or two but are often lacking the deep understanding and the concepts necessary to create professional applications.

College Student

The Opportunity

Realizing that there is a need to truly prepare our younger generation for future growth and success which is more than just the ability to write code, DATA3 not only focuses in providing an environment to these young professionals with a place to practice their skills but also provide them access to industry experts and seasoned programmers.  DATA3 believes that for a beginner programmer to be successful, he or she not only needs to know the language syntax to code but should have a thorough understanding of various concepts necessary to write efficient code and complex applications.

Startup Development Team

Helping Our Youth

The “Learn and Grow” program prepares our youth for success by providing a leap forward and bridging this gap through a series of sessions offered by its experts. The individuals will have access to these professionals for advice on any project that they are working on. Additionally, there are two sets of sessions that helps these programmers to get from beginner to intermediate and then eventually an advanced level before they graduate from the program. 

Data Structures, Database Architecture, Numerical Analysis

SDLC Methodologies, Multi-thread & forked processes

Advanced Queueing

Program Details

Intermediary sessions include: 

  • Data Structures

  • Database Architecture

  • Numerical Analysis

Advanced sessions include:

  • Software Development Life-Cycle Methodologies (SDLC)

  • Multi-threaded and forked processes

  • Advanced Queuing

  • Programming for Virtual and Cloud Computing

We believe that learning a programming language syntax is just a beginning; and as much as the online fast-tracks and boot-camps are doing a great job in getting these young professionals started; DATA3’s “Learn and Grow” program focuses on getting them to the next level and equips them with concepts and skill sets that will eventually lead them to be successful in their profession.

Call us today @ 918.237.4400 or click here to schedule a tour of our facilities and services.

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