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Enterprise Focused Software (EFS)




Enterprise Focused

Software (EFS)

Smart Software. Done Right.

“Our ability to align our methodology with our customer’s business and strategic needs is what sets us apart.”

Enterprise Focused Software (EFS)

DATA3 has extensive experience in creating custom software applications for large Fortune 500 companies. We employ a proprietary software development methodology (Enterprise Focused Software -EFS) that has allowed us to create successful applications for large as well as small clients. Some of our systems have been in production for 18 years with a track record of no application specific bug fixes or patches for over 8 years in a row. Thousands of users login to our systems every month from over 45 countries.

We have in-house expertise in collecting data from different companies/agencies using various systems. We have successfully collected data from over 300 companies, normalized it within our own databases and provided a seamless interface for reports, charts, data analysis, predictive analysis, all of which have drill- down capabilities for decision makers. We create mobile friendly systems and have the expertise to develop mobile native apps for IOS and Android platforms.


Custom Software + Multiple Datacenters

Because of or data center and hosting capabilities, we can both develop and maintain your software in a highly secure environment. This allows the company to create software using a SaaS (Software as a Service) model which means your application is secure, scalable and maintained at a lower cost.

Working Together

A Unique Methodology

Enterprise Focused Software (EFS) is in our DNA. We are proud of our proprietary software development methodology that keeps customer business needs and functional requirements at the center of software development. No matter how small or large a project,, our unique coding principles and strategies create applications that far exceeds user expectations; and find efficiencies in business processes through intelligent framework and smart design.

C#, .Net, AJAX, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, MVC, JAVA

Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL

Responsive Design...

Our Expertise

Our developers are experts in creating web-portals that require large back-end databases such as Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.  With 20+ years of experience, no project is too large or too small for our team of developers.  Choosing the right platform is essential to your business needs.  Our analysts carefully assess your requirements in order to choose the right set of software development tools, languages, and back-end databases in order to ensure a successful software implementation.


Design Features

  • Responsive Design – Mobile Friendly

  • Reliable – Uses Industry Best Practices for System Design

  • Scalable – Modular framework allows for infinite growth

  • Secure – Highly sensitive information is always encrypted using the best encryption algorithms available. Furthermore, the code created is obfuscated to protect against reverse engineering and to protect our intellectual property.

  • Intuitive – Smart enough to predict user selections and learn user patterns for efficiency.

  • Intelligent Design – Designed to handle one-off scenarios and exceptions instead of a system error/crash.

  • Low Maintenance – All of the above lead to low maintenance.


Designed Systems

  • Asset management / Tracking

  • Reliability analysis

  • Managerial reporting 

  • Predictive analysis

  • Data mining

  • Data Collection

  • Web Portals

  • Global ID (Single Sign-On)

  • Microsoft Active Directory Integration

  • Microsoft Exchange Integration

  • SharePoint

  • SAP Integration


Our Customers

A few companies that DATA3 has designed custom software solutions for:

  • BAESYSTEMS (Fortune/Global 100 Company)

  • AmericanAirlines (One of the largest Airline companies)

  • AAR Corporation (Major Engine overhaul/repair for aircrafts – presence in 45+ countries)

  • Linde Engineering Group – (Head-quartered in Germany)

  • Guardian Security (Home and Business Security)

  • Brant & Associates 

  • ATP (Aerospace Instruments calibrations System)

Call us today @ 918.237.4400 or click here to schedule a tour of our facilities and services.

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