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Software Development




- Proprietary Methodology

- Single Sign-On

- Mobile Apps

Smart Software. Done Right.

“Our ability to align our methodology with our customer’s business and strategic needs is what sets us apart.”

Enterprise Focused Software (EFS)

We create custom software that focuses on your business needs and creates efficiencies in your business processes through the use our proprietary software development methodology that we call "Enterprise Focused Software (EFS)".  No project is too small or too big for our experts.

Ux mobile app

Mobile Apps

The Mobile Apps industry has been growing at a tremendous pace. Just having a web presence is no longer enough for businesses. Every business is now looking at having their own mobile app in addition to their website.  It has now become a new norm and a must-have.


DATA3 can help you create your own mobile app.  We have experts that can create and certify native apps on IOS (Apple) as well as Android (Google) platforms. and make it available through Apple's App Store or Google Play.  

Investment Chart

Case Studies

We believe that an appropriate way to evaluate our company is through the clients we serve and the work we have completed for those clients.  The case studies provide an insight into those results.  We would be pleased to discuss any of these case studies and how we solved a client’s problem with the skillful use of contemporary software and hardware technology.

Team Meeting

Learn & Grow

DATA3 is pleased to announce the launch of our Learn & Grow program. We provide a teaching and sharing environment for a limited number of qualified software developers. The program provides a comfortable and professional work environment in which to collaborate with our management team, and with other participants in the program.

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