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For 20 years, we have served Fortune 500 and other companies providing them with secure space in our data centers, and developing enterprise class software solutions.

DATA3 Corporation

Our Beginning

Data3 Corporation has its origins in the aviation industry, providing hardware and software solutions to domestic and international companies.  The company began in 1996 as Dave Harrelson and his co-founders developed a software package designed to identify and file warranty claims for American Airlines. As a former employee of AA, Dave was uniquely aware of the opportunity to file warranty claims with the manufacturers for parts that had been repaired or replaced.  During the first year of use, the software helped AA recover more than $140M.  Currently, Data3 and American Airlines enjoy a strong relationship as Data3 provides Software Development, Data Center and Professional I.T. services to the Fortune 100 international Airline.  


 In 1997 Yasser Khan, the company’s Chief Information Officer, joined the company to work with Dave in designing and implementing hardware and software solutions for customers.  One of the key elements of success with Yasser is his ability to understand the customer’s business issues, and to design and implement a solution that provides a secure and stable answer to their problem.  During his tenure he has created a proprietary software design methodology which guides the company’s workflows and has created tremendous value to customers and to the company.  


Mike Gorrell joined the company as CEO in 1998 to work with Dave and Yasser in developing and executing their strategic plan.  Trained and licensed as a CPA & lawyer, Mike’s background in accounting, finance legal and administration proved to be very valuable in managing those areas of the company

Our Growth

In 1999 the company signed a large software development and application hosting contract with BAE SYSTEMS, a Fortune 100 global company operating in the defense and national security industries.  The project was for the design of a ground breaking, highly secure, aircraft reliability monitoring system. The advanced system required a facility with a high level of security and redundancy to meet their stringent data storage requirements.  While at AA Dave was part of the team that launched multiple data centers that were part of the SABRE Reservation System, so he was comfortable and qualified in starting a data center division at Data3.  In 2001 the company acquired a Teir3+ data center, thereby expanding its services to include both software development and multiple data center services.   


From the beginning, D3 has been built on three key principles; 

  • understand our customer’s business, 

  • understand our customer’s business, 

  • understand how our solutions add value to our customer’s business

Our Services

Software Development Services – Since developing the initial software applications discussed above, the Software Division has continued to develop under the leadership of Yasser Khan.  Today, we have significant expertise in custom design and have developed a proprietary system which guides our design and implementation processes.  Of note is our significant expertise in a proprietary Single Sign-On solution that allows companies a common gateway for the purpose of accessing all of their internal and external applications.    During the past five years we have added mobile app development to our skills and our currently working on the development and support of several products for both Apple and Android devices.  DATA3 has developed and delivered custom software projects for very large customers like BAE SYSTEMS, AAR Corporation, Linde Engineering Group.


Data Center Services – Since entering the data center industry in 2001, the company has added three additional data centers, all of which now add to a total 18,500 square feet.  The data centers are located in a facility that can withstand virtually any disaster large or small.  Our services offer multiple levels of security, redundant infrastructure and waterless fire-suppressant systems. Our facilities are among the most secure in the region, with significant expansion capabilities over the next decade.


Business Continuity Planning Services – Data3 now has 50,000 square feet of Business Continuity Space (BCP) with room for significant expansion.  The company offers both dedicated and shared space to a wide range of customers.  Many of our clients are customers doing business with all three of the company’s divisions.  The BCP suites are connected to our own UPS and generator systems for power redundancy.  The company prides itself in providing 24/7/365 security and flexible connectivity options. 


Data Center and BCP customers include American Airlines, Midcontinent Insurance Group, PopTV (formerly known as TV Guide), BAE Systems, and AAR Corporation and a long list of other customers in a wide variety of industries. Here is a list of of some of our major customers.

Our Pride & Commitment

We are a team of dedicated and passionate teammates who work to solve problems and to serve our customers.  Quite simply - we solve problems.


Data3 is proud of our heritage and excited about our future.


Come and see for yourself.

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