Yasser H. Khan

DATA3 Corporation
Chief Information Officer

21 Years of Software Design & Architecture
— Experience

Yasser has been in the IT industry for 21 years and currently serves as the CIO for DATA3 Corp, leading the application development division. He is also involved in the design and network infrastructure for company’s multiple data centers. He has led the design and development of numerous software applications, with an emphasis during his career on project management, software development methodologies, and security/encryption for web portals. For example, he has developed significant systems for BAE Systems (international defense contractor), AAR Corporation (aircraft services firm in over 100 countries), and the Linde Group (international engineering firm).

During his career Yasser has led the design and development of a wide variety of software applications. He has a keen sense of aligning software requirements with business needs to deliver a quality product that exceeds user expectations and is delivered on-time and within budget. Early in his career (18 years ago) he developed a propriety methodology for managing projects and writing software that combines several principles of well-known Software Development Life-Cycle (SDLC) which has been labeled as D3SDLC. It involves rigorous planning and design process developed on a structured framework which consistently produces an end-product that creates efficiencies within business processes and operates bug-free for years and years. An example of this is illustrated in the design, development, implementation and maintenance of a web-based parts tracking system that operated for 19 years in an international defense contracting firm with the last patch applied 7 years ago.

EFDMS: An application in production for 19 years for a large Fortune 500 company.
— Intuitive Application Design

Very early on in his career he recognized that an Application Service Provider (ASP) was a much more efficient and cost-effective model for delivering software to clients and has been architecting systems using that framework since that time. This framework has now evolved into SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

Yasser also engineered the concept of Global-ID; a DATA3 service that allows companies to offer single Sign-On solutions by integrating disparate platforms such as Oracle, MS-SQL Server, SAP, and in-house applications hosted on Windows and UNIX platforms. This required extensive knowledge of encryption / security algorithms and industry standards.

Some of the projects that Yasser has developed are listed below:

Creator of Enterprise Focused Software (EFS) Methodology
— Software Development Strategy
  1. Creation of Electronic Fleet Data Management System (EFDMS) for BAE SYSTEMS. Allowed the company to reduce a staff of 6 people down to one while automating reports that used to take six months down to seconds. The application was used by over 300 companies at its peak and generated over 10 million in revenue for DATA3. The system was in production for over 18 years generating large amount of recurring.
  2. The AAR web portal implements the unique Global-ID solution of DATA3. The portal is used in over 35 countries across the globe and routinely passes the monthly security penetration tests by the customer. This application like many others has not needed a bug-fix or a security patch since its launch.
  3. The BAE Portal used by 40+ companies; offered Single Sign-On through DATA3’s created Global- ID solution. The portal had over 5000 active users with thousands of unique hits every month.
  4. The FoundMoney System is an application that integrates with the State of Oklahoma’s Tax Commission software. The application has enormous focus on security and encryption as it involves transmission of sensitive information and requires complex algorithms for computation and fast processing of large files.

Yasser is particularly skillful in the architecture and development of complex algorithms and calculations for data analysis, the design and execution of single sign-on systems for the integration of disparate platforms such as Oracle, MS-SQL Server, SAP, and in-house applications hosted on Windows and UNIX platforms. Additionally, he has significant expertise and experience in the areas of security and encryption. He has developed a proprietary software development methodology that combines principles from several well-known SDLC methodologies, which is a major factor in the successful completion of a project.

Yasser is experienced with a number of databases including Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, and several others, and has programmed in over a dozen languages. He completed his CCNA in 2001 and possesses a good knowledge of computer networking. He is currently working on his MBA at Edinburgh Business School of Heriot-Watt University.

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